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Manage your blood pressure data anytime and anywhere Continuous, accurate and safe monitoring of your heart rate throughout the day Measurement and analysis of your heart rate, sleep duration and movement for an insightful look into how well you sleep Tracking of step counts, distance traveled, calories burned and the duration of workouts An easy-to-understand summary of your daily de-stress levels based on heart-rate variations technology HRV.

Providing personalized advice based on the latest research and from leading medical experts including the daily step and sleep goals, and even tracks your progress towards these goals, so you can easily make small lifestyle changes that can add up to big results. Learn More Smart health management tools Health data and personalized analysis sharing The ASUS HealthConnect app also lets you easily and securely share selected health data with your family, doctor or anyone you choose.

This information can offer insights which may be more representative than individual blood-pressure measurements done at the clinic.

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Medication records and reminders You can record and track a variety of health data including blood glucose, weight, medicine schedule and more in the ASUS HealthConnect app. By entering your medicine schedule in ASUS HealthConnect app, VivoWatch BP will remind you when it's time to take your medicine to help you keep a regular schedule and never miss a dose.

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Fitness tracking functions.

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