Neonatal seizures, New-Onset Seizures in Infant With Square Facies, Hypospadias, and Hirschsprung Disease

All rights reserved. Infant born at term to a year-old mother via uncomplicated cesarean delivery. HISTORY A 6-month-old boy with dysmorphic facial features, ear anomalies, and hypospadias brought for evaluation of elevated temperature and generalized seizure.

In the nursery, progressive abdominal distention and bilious vomiting developed. Barium enema revealed findings consistent with Hirschsprung disease.

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Infant underwent corrective surgery with colostomy and subsequent colostomy reversal. A moderate ventricular septal defect was detected during his neonatal course and confirmed by echocardiogram.

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CT scan of the head revealed agenesis of the corpus callosum. Infant's weight and height at the neonatal seizures percentile; head circumference at the 50th percentile.

Vital signs normal.

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It was first described in neonatal seizures Mowat and colleagues,1 who found several cytogenic deletions in chromosome 2 at 2q in 6 patients with similar clinical features. Overall, the cause of the syndrome is neonatal seizures de novo heterozygous mutations or deletions of the ZFHX1B gene, now known as ZEB2, or zinc finger E-box-binding-homeobox 2 gene.

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Since the first report inZEB2 mutations, deletions, or cytogenetic abnormalities have been reported in patients primarily from Northern Europe, Australia, Italy, and the United States; more than mutations have been described. The syndrome has been identified in neonatal seizures ethnic groups, with similar clinical features in all populations.

New-Onset Seizures in Infant With Square Facies, Hypospadias, and Hirschsprung Disease

Gross and fine motor milestones are generally delayed. A square-shaped face with a small triangular chin is the most common facial anomaly Table.

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Other facial features include orbital hypertelorism, which is associated with deeply set eyes, a broad nasal bridge with prominent rounded nasal tip, and a full or everted lower lip. The ears may be posteriorly rotated, with large uplifted earlobes and a central depression Figure 1. Common congenital anomalies include Neonatal seizures disease, heart defects, hypospadias Figure 2genitourinary abnormalities, microcephaly, agenesis of the corpus callosum, and short stature.

However, Hirschsprung disease is not neonatal seizures in all infants with this syndrome and thus is not required for diagnosis.

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The characteristic facial phenotype of MWS differentiates it from other genetic syndromes, such as Goldberg-Shprintzen syndrome, Angelman syndrome, and Smith-Lemi-Opitz syndrome. Neonatal seizures of ZEB2 gene mutations with genetic testing is not required for diagnosis; however, it is becoming more available and should be done.

Animal studies on the homologues of SIP1 show that SIP1 expression is active in early embryogenesis, including neural tube and neural crest development. Hirschsprung disease usually requires early surgery in the first days or months of life with aggressive management for constipation.

Congenital heart disease needs to be evaluated for severity and may require surgery or close neonatal seizures with a cardiologist. Seizures can begin within the first few months of life and may require antiseizure medications for a prolonged period. Genitourinary anomalies, such as hypospadias, cryptorchism, bifid scrotum, vesicoureteral reflux, and hydronephrosis, may be present in the first years of life and may also require surgery.

Early intervention with speech and physical therapy neonatal seizures required for all children with MWS. Figure 2 — Hypospadias is a common congenital anomaly associated with Mowat-Wilson syndrome.

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Confirmation of the diagnosis with molecular testing is important, because the earlier rehabilitation services are started, the better. Although most cases of MWS are sporadic, some sibling recurrence has been observed.

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Hirschsprung disease, microcephaly, mental retardation, and characteristic facial features: delineation of a new syndrome and identification of a locus at chromosome 2qq J Med Genet.

Mowat-Wilson syndrome and mutation in the zinc finger homeo box 1B gene: a well defined clinical entity. Garavelli L, Mainardi PC. Mowat-Wilson syndrome.

A központi idegrendszer károsodása miatt kialakuló görcsroham újszülöttkorban Betegség lefolyása: Az újszülött központi idegrendszerének fejletlensége miatt az a különböző károsító hatásokra egységesen görcsrohammal, motoros tevékenységekkel, izommozgásokkal válaszol. Ezek többnyire alkalmi rohamok, köthetők egy károsító faktorhoz, és annak elhárításával megszűnnek.

Orphanet J Rare Dis. Hum Mutat. Clinical features and management issues in Mowat-Wilson syndrome.

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Am J Med Genet A.

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